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Yacht Charter Adventures Around Koh Phangan

Embark on an opulent journey amidst the turquoise waters and tropical splendor as we set sail for a yacht charter around the captivating gem of the Gulf of Thailand - Koh Phangan.

Exploring Hidden Paradises on Your Koh Phangan Yacht Charter

With its palm-fringed shores, secluded coves, and vibrant marine life, Koh Phangan beckons discerning travelers to indulge in the epitome of luxury on a private yacht. Join us as we unveil the secrets of this island paradise, where every wave tells a tale of relaxation, discovery, and the sheer beauty that unfolds at every nautical mile.

Yacht charter around Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is the largest of Samui's neighboring islands, with an area of 168 sq km. The island has numerous heavenly white sand beaches and secluded bays all along its coastline, some of them reachable only by a boat cruise. Over three-quarters of the island is a mountainous tropical forest. Much of the island is classified as "National Park" by Thailand’s government, allowing the island to keep its natural and untamed character.

We start our day from the North of Samui and cruise to Koh Ma bay in Koh Phangan where we drop anchor and snorkel and swim at the coral reefs, this sheltered bay is perfect for all levels of experience and offers the chance to see the delicate ecosystem here. We can see many types of indigenous species of marine life that live in the Gulf of Thailand.

From there we head around the Northern tip of Koh Phangan to the Eastern beach of Tong Nai Pan Noi . Where you’ll have lunch in a beach restaurant and plenty of time available to swim and explore the shore at this beautiful beach. After enjoying the double bays, we continue on to the south of Koh Phangan to Than Sadet bay, where you can visit the lovely waterfall. After a short climb onto some big rocks, you can jump into the freshwater pool at the base of the waterfall and then dry off lazily on the huge granite rocks. The river and waterfalls, once visited by Royal Majesties King Rama V, VII, and IX, have their initials carved into the huge granite rocks that grace this river. This has become one of the most tranquil and popular places on the island to visit and relax.

Our last stop is at Haad Rinn beach, long world-famous for its monthly Full Moon Party, held on each full moon.

Yacht charter around Koh Phangan
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